Mt. QingCheng Villa

Club House

Front of the compound

On the right side of the compound is the road which leads to the entrance. The first turn left is the gate closest to the villa.

Club house

The club house seen from the main road. This view can also be seen from the train and the station.


The club house is surrounded by many terraces.

Lobby area

The lobby area has a beautiful atmosphere. Tea will be served as soon as you sit down, but other beverage facilities are also available.

Lobby area

It is also a perfect spot to relax or work.

Lobby area

Many different seats are available.

Bar in the lobby

The lobby area features a bar, where you can order many different beverages.

Large terrace deck

Right outside the lobby is a large terrace deck.


The compound has a beautiful garden.

View from the clubhouse

This view is taken from the front of the club house and looks at the main road and mountains behind that.

Lobby area

The lobby are is a spacious room and perfect for relaxing or work.


View from the club house and towards the mountain.

Large terrace deck

The sun reaches the deck for a long period of the day.


Many terrace areas surround the club house.