Mt. QingCheng Villa

Dinning and Shopping

街子古镇Jie Zi Ancient Town
Traffic: Take 102 bus at Qingcheng Shan highway station ,2RMB
Special: Ancient town, gift shop, souvenir, local food

豪生酒店 Howard Johnson Hotel
Contact :+86 28 8898 8888
Special: Nice restaurant with nice sea food, Sichuan food, Best coffee with their amazing Miyuan coffee shop.

东软后街 Neusoft back street
Address: 四川省成都市都江堰市S106(川西旅游环线) (S106 Road-West Sichuan Touristic avenue)
Special:This is a special place for students from Neusoft College but also any person who wants quick and cheap delicious food can join various restaurants available.