Mt. QingCheng Villa


Sichuan Qingchengshan Golf Club is an international 18-hole, par 72 golf course which is located near the famous Dujiangyan Irrigation System and beside of Qingcheng Mountain. Qingchengshan is one of the most well known Chengdu golf courses and is located 5km form the villa. Designed by an American company, HOK, situated by the picturesque Qingcheng Mountain and near the scenic spot Dujiangyan, Dujiangyan Qingcheng Golf Club is composed of a golf course, a golf clubhouse, a 5-star Golf Holiday Inn, an American Culture Village, an amusement district and an up-market villas compound.

It covers an area of 337 acres. The fairway is 7,023 yards long. Golf being a very popular sport in China, the country has an estimated 200 golf courses and a lot more are under construction. With the green and tranquil Qingcheng Mountain, the golf course has been fully designed in a perfect golf match with environment. The golf courses in Chengdu are all built in an American style and are well decorated with flora and fauna.

Surrounded by greenery on all sides the magnificent Golf Courses in Chengdu has tight driving holes, clean and well cultivated fairways to make the game more challenging and exciting. Besides the golf courses of Sichuan Qingchengshan Golf Club, there are modern golf club houses also which serve delicious food and drinks and thus helps the golf players in relaxing after the game. Sichuan Qingchengshan Golf Club has combined the natural elements with the golf culture, so that visitors can have a good relaxation and will be fully refreshed from the strain of urban life.

Name: Qingchengshan Golf Club
Address: Sichuan Dujiangyan Daguan Town

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