Mt. QingCheng Villa

Panda Valley

Dujiangyan Panda Valley located 65 kilometers from Chengdu, Panda Valley is in the Baima Village, Yutang Town, Dujiangyan City. It is an excellent place to see fully grown pandas as well as the adorable, more active juveniles.

The whole valley covers an area of 1.34 square kilometers. This valley is organised in such a way that that giant pandas are encouraged to return to the wild. Visitors can have close contact with the lovely animals by being photographed while holding one and also by volunteering to care for them.

Address:都江堰玉堂镇白马村,距离成都市大约50公里(Dujiangyan,Yutang town, Baima village)
Price: 58RMB
Opened hours: 8:40-16:30