Mt. QingCheng Villa

Getting There

The name of the compound is 中国水电青云阶. It is located on the S106, behind the train station. The exit and entrance of the station is located on the other side, so if you would like to walk there you have to go around. Taking a taxi or walking, the quickest way can be found below:

Walking route Qingchengshan train station – Qingcheng compound

Baidu maps

Walking at the S106, as on the map above, you should turn onto the second street on the right.


After turning onto this street, you should walk another 200 metres. On your left side, you will find a gate.

Via this gate you are able to enter the compound. After entering, you have to take the last street to the right.


At the end of this street, the last house on your left hand side is the Qingcheng villa of the Kuppens family. The front door is located on the 1st floor, so please walk up the stairs and you will find the entrance.

The door is locked with either a code, card or fingerprint. If you would like to visit the villa, please make sure you receive one of the previous mentioned in order to be able to enter the house.


If you have any problems with the door, please contact the contact person of Qingcheng villa or Vinte, the company who installed the lock.



You can take train from Chengdu North Railway Station to Mt. Qingcheng. There are 9 trains from Chengdu to Mt. Qingcheng with the first one starting at 6:53 and the last one at 21:03. For the return trip from Mt. Qingcheng to Chengdu, there are the same amount of trains each day with the first starting at 08:26 and the last at 22:05. The whole trip takes about 45 minutes. Ticket price is RMB15 for one way.Tickets can be booked online on the official website (Chinese) or at this website in English*:
Trains Chengdu to Qingcheng
Trains Qingcheng to Chengdu
*25% or $5 fee (including exchange rate difference, translation service and accident insurance).

Both foreigner and Chinese can book tickets online, at a booking office or at the station. All you need is a name and a passport number to book a ticket. When traveling, you need to show your passport. If you book your tickets online you need extra time (approximately 30-45 minutes) to pick them up at the ticket booking office. Only Chinese nationals can get them from the machines at the station. When you get at Mt. Qingcheng Railway Station, it is possible for you to take a local tricycle (5min), or a taxi (5min), or a walk (15min) to the community.



You can take bus from Qingcheng Mountain to Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station in case you miss your train or you could not get a train ticket. The Qingcheng bus station is just next to its railway station. There are 5 stops in the bus station and the one to Chengdu is Number 5. The Chadianzi Bus Station is on the west third ring road of Chengdu. You can take Metro Line 2 to get into downtown. Price of bus ticket is RMB25 per person and the whole trip takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Please note that there is no direct bus from Chegndu to Mt. Qingcheng. However, there are constant buses from Chengdu Chadianzi to Dujiangyan every day. When you get at Mt. Qingcheng Bus Station, it is possible for you to take a local tricycle (5min), or a taxi (5min), or a walk (15min) to the community.



Private taxi’s form Chengdu to the villa or the other way around cost RMB300.
Mr. Li Ming: 15982145018
Mr. Xiong: 13547815699

There are three different routes that you could take.

Firstly: Quickest route Chengdu – Qingcheng compound
Secondly: Shortest route Chengdu – Qingcheng compound
Thirdly: Highway route Chengdu – Qingcheng compound

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