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How to Reset Your USPS Password?

USPS or United States Postal Service is the federal postal service of the United States, which uses Liteblue as a self-service tool for employees. It is also the biggest postal service in the country. At present, this organization has a workforce of nearly half a million employees. These employees work diligently to make sure that the postal emails are delivered to the intended recipients anywhere in the country.

The current LiteBlue Website having brand-new functions, makeover however no different dedication or with the exact same function for all U.S.P.S employees. United State postal service has actually released a restored LiteBlue that is offered assisting all USPS employees/ workers to keep far better notified relating to the corporation, careers, benefits as well as employment possibility in the Postal occupations.

USPS wants to make sure that only the authorized people are able to access the employee LiteBlue login account. Therefore, they have made their portal secure with the proper encryptions. If you have forgotten your Usps LiteBlue password, you will not be able to access your account. But, you can Reset USPS Password and restore access to LiteBlue login.

LiteBlue can also be used to view one’s personal information such as email address, postal address, billing address etc. It also allows you to request any changes in your personal information. For instance, if you have moved and wish to update your postal address, you may place the request through LiteBlue.

Are your new hire at USPS and don’t know your password? If that is the case, do not worry. The password reset method I am going to show you will also help you create a new password.

Earlier, I told you we will talk about SSP. This is the right time to do it. LiteBlue login is the part of the SSP (Self-Service Profile). Besides LiteBlue, SSP entails other self-service tools for the employees as well. But, the SSP password is universal and applies to all the services it encompasses. When you will reset or create your LiteBlue login password, in effect, you will be resetting/creating your SSP password. The same password will be used to log in to other SSP services.

How to reset/create your SSP password:

  • You can start with the LiteBlue portal.
  • Go to and click the ‘Forget’ Your Password?’ link on the webpage (just under ‘Log on’).
  • This will redirect you to the SSP website.
  • You may also directly go to
  • Enter your employee ID in the ‘Employee ID’ field and then click the button ‘Verify Employee ID’

That’s pretty much it about LiteBlue. It is an important self-service portal by USPS that makes sure you are up to date with your schedule, paystub, benefits, opportunities and more. It also lets you update some of your personal information, like your postal address, email address, etc. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it easily through the LiteBlue portal.

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